MommyTime Safety And Policy Procedures


ATTENTION MOMMY TIME VISITORS: We want to ensure your safety and comfort while your children play in our facility.


Please follow these rules/guidelines during playtime:

1. SOCKS AND MASKS are required for children AND adults.

2. All children must have adult supervision during their playtime.

3. Parent/guardian must sign in upon arrival. Filling out both names, children’s age, time in, phone number, and signature. As well as timing outpost playtime alongside time in.

4. Children will only be permitted to leave with the parent/guardian who signed them into Mommy Time.

5. Playground staff is NOT permitted to change diapers or assist with potty time. Children must be able to do so themselves or with their parent/guardian.

6. Mommy Time reserves the right to deny the use of the Playground Services to any child who shows visible signs of illness during Covid-19.

7. Children must play at their own risk.

8. Mommy Time is not held responsible for any accidents and fights between children of the same or different parties. The staff will supervise but is not responsible for the actions of your child or other children.

9. Please inform children that they must behave in a safe and respectful way in the indoor playground area.

10. Please alert children they must always stay inside Mommy Time unless leaving with parent/guardian. 11. We would like to keep our facility clean and neat. Please do not bring any food to the play area. Foods and drinks are welcome in designated areas of the facility.